A Dog’s other Best Friend


My Vet – the best care for my best friends!



MM1643The post I wrote entitled Trust Your Instincts concentrated on the  relationship between you and your vet when presented with treatment that you may feel is not the best course of action for your dog.

Let’s focus on the overall care generally received from my vet (actually 3 of them in this practice) for the Ruff Talk girls.

There are postcard reminders when it’s time for immunizations, and personal phone calls from their office when its time for Maxie to have  annual tests due to not only her age, but an ongoing issue we are keeping an eye on. They offer a boarding service and although it is hard for me every time I have to drop them off for a stay, I feel better knowing their vet is there to watch over their care while kenneled.

I only know this kind of care because it is the only practice I have been a part of.  I have not had to travel from office to office in search of a vet for them – they have always provided top-notch care for Maxie and Mia.

So a big WOOF and a tail wag to our vets.  They are truly our dog’s other best friend!

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