A Good Fit

ruff talk Look – over there!  Our new vet!

In my previous post A Fresh Start I chronicled  our first visit to a new vet since moving from Iowa to Ohio.

Our second visit brought us to a practice I noticed on a drive home from an errand. I stopped in to ask about their boarding options and the staff was kind enough to give me an impromptu tour.

Our new patient exams put us in front of a vet that was personable, kind to my aging Maxie, and understanding of Mia’s behavior.  It seemed apparent that in all the years he has been a vet, he’s seen quite a bit.

I was able to converse about Mia’s reactive behavior and detail what I was trying to do through training.  At first I was put off by his response of “if she’s always been this way, then you are probably not going to change things now at her age” (she is 8). He went on to say that it was most likely that I would find I was being trained in new techniques, not so much Mia.  He was positive about enrolling her in their “good citizen” training class to see how she would do in that environment.

He wanted to review Maxie’s records from Iowa, then suggest a diet for her to help control her condition to develop bladder stones. He called me later that day to say he had been in contact with my former vet and had a bag of dog food waiting at his office for her.

Overall, this is a vet that has been in practice for many years, and displays an attitude of understanding and caring.

We had found our new vet.

Not to long after our initial first visit, I did board Maxie and Mia at this new facility for a long weekend.  The staff was caring, attentive and even gave the Ruff Talk Girls a bath before I picked them up – they came home well taken care of and fluffy!

What have your challenges been when searching for a vet for your best friend?  Do you have a “checklist” of things you look for?