A mega year

a to z challenge 2016


Maximum changes for  Maxie and Mia

Ruff Talk 4 DogsLast year at this time, I published ‘Meet Maxie and Mia‘.  Since then the Ruff Talk girls have moved from Iowa to Ohio, had to take up temporary residence in two different apartments  and finally settled into a new house(I’m REALLY tired of packing/unpacking!)

They each seem to have their own way of dealing with stress. Maxie, tends to get restless and follow me around. Mia, will get reactive to every little noise, always on high alert.



Finally they seem to  realize we are here to stay.  They love their new fenced in yard and our neighborhood is a dog-walking paradise.  After all their changes, I now see them physically relax; that helps me do the same.

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a to z challenge 2016

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