A Tip to the Tail


From the tip of their nose to the tip of their Tail –
dogs are always trying to tell us something!





I’ve covered Ears, Fur, & Nose; so it seems only fitting to explore the Tail!



There’s plenty of research that tries to decipher the ‘tell-tale’ signs of a dog’s tail.  From indicating content, anger or fear, a dog’s tail is just one more indicator about what they may be thinking of doing next.

Mia is not only known for her sulk around here but for her tail tuck.  If she sees me coming with nail clippers she goes into “sulk mode” and tucks that tail.  I genuinely feel bad for her and find myself trying to reassure her nothing bad is going to happen.

Maxie is a tail wagging machine! Her little stub of  a tail wags at top speed when she sees me come into the house at the end of the day, when I ask her if she wants a treat or when I walk towards her with the leash.  Her tail wags are an instant spirit  lifter!

How about your dog? What’s does their ‘tail wag’ tell you that he/she might be thinking?

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  1. betty says:

    Visiting from A/Z; what a cute theme you have for the challenge! We had a corgi we had to say good bye to this past December because of cancer (he was 10 years old and had survived cancer for 4 years so we were grateful, just wanted more time with him). He had just a little nubbin of a tail as Welsh Pembroke corgis do. You could see it wave back and forth a bit when he got excited about something (usually hubby coming home from work). Enjoy your dogs! (I know you do 🙂


    • Theresa says:

      Sorry to hear about your Corgi. I know how hard it is to say goodbye. (No matter how small the tail, they can still get them wagging!) Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comment on Ruff Talk.

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