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a to z challenge 2016


Ruff Talk review

Ruff Talk 4 DogsIn June of 2013, I purchased the rufftalk4dogs domain name.   I was beyond excited to begin a  blog about my dogs – an outlet to express all things about Maxie and Mia.

Since that time, I have been to one BlogPaws© conference, enjoyed many Twitter interactions and struggled with posting content on a consistent basis.

Not a day goes by I don’t think about,  or start a ‘to-do’ list (that always seems to grow) or start a draft.  To say I’m consumed is an understatement. It is what I expected when I started this blog  because of the passion I have for it.  I research, study and carry a journal with me – all in the name of striving to improve my blog.

My short term goal is to finish the 2016 A to Z Challenge.  I’m running like a hamster on a wheel to keep up on the “letter of the day” requirement.

My long terms goals are to finish the design aspect of this website – there are still incomplete pages.  I am trying to be more diligent in creating drafts, so I can maintain a regular stream of published posts.

As always, when I reflect, I want to thank everyone that has visited Ruff Talk – if you have left a comment – an extra thanks.  I truly appreciate support for my blog.

Have you been blogging for a while?  How’s it going?

a to z challenge 2016

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