Adding to the family

a to z challenge 2016


Kids and Dogs –  Do they mix ?Adding a dog to your family is a  big decision.  After reviewing the economics of dog ownership, there’s the consideration of adding a dog with children in the household.

If the children are old enough to be  involved in the decision, ask them  what kind of dog they might enjoy and what their perceptions are concerning care of a dog.  This will give you valuable insight on their understanding of owning a dog; and you can correct any inaccuracies ahead of time.

After a decision is reached, plan for the big day by having everything on hand for your new family member and engage the rest of the family right away.  -everyone knows the ‘new-ness’ wears off pretty quickly so early participation may keep the interest going a little longer – also, early participation can cement the fact that all of you are in this for the long haul.

Preparation and a plan for when your new dog comes home can make the addition a memorable experience for everyone.

What type of preparations did you make when you added a dog to your family?

a to z challenge 2016


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