Adopt or not?

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Orphan – should you bring one home?

So now you have looked at the economics of dog ownership and evaluated breed types in relation to a good fit with your family;

Should you head out to your local shelter?  or find a reputable breeder?

A preliminary elimination process on breed/size of dog will assist you in your search for your new family member, whether you choose to visit shelters or breeders.

Allow ample time at the shelter.  Most shelters will permit you to take a dog outside on leash so you can spend valuable time interacting.   First impressions are important, but if your day permits, take a break from this visit and return in an hour.  Take that same dog out again – how did it go?  Are you starting to get a feel for what it would be like to have this dog as a full time companion?

Exploring breeder options is tricky.  There’s a lot of publicity on breeders and the environments in which these dogs reside. Research may be in order to know what to look for when visiting a breeder.   I obtained both Maxie and Mia from different family breeders.  I was very fortunate in my choices; both of them kept their dogs to a low volume, spent time with me and visited about how they raised and managed their pups and introduced me to my pup’s parents.  They were both very knowledgeable and accessible even after I brought Maxie, then Mia home.

Who knew adding a dog to a family could be so involved?  By putting in the time necessary, you will be truly be able to give a dog their forever home.

Any tips to share on choosing a dog from a shelter or breeder?

a to z challenge 2016

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  1. Good summary, Theresa. Although I’m opposed to breeding of any sort as a matter of principle (my post today is on Sterilization 😉 ), I’m glad both your dogs came from good families. In my Q post (FAQ on dog rescuing, part II) I shared a bit about shelters and adopting, including an overview of why the process is so bureaucratic. Maybe you’d find that interesting 🙂

    Happy A2Z-ing!

    • Theresa says:

      Thank you Guilie! I would be interested in your post about shelters and adopting and will check that out. I have been to your blog in the past and really enjoy it. Hope your A to Z to going well.

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