Bloggers Unite!

U[1] Uniting with other bloggers can be inspirational, spark creativity and  provide your readers with different points of view.   laptopAThis post is an extension of a post I wrote,  Join In.  In that post  I defined the benefits of being part of a group to help you network with other bloggers. The camaraderie that you can develop with other bloggers when you are part of a group can be a real motivator and give you the support you need to continue to move forward. So let’s take this one step further and narrow it down to uniting with bloggers that are in the same niche as yourself.  I find it helpful to not only engage with other bloggers, but other dog bloggers.  This common denominator can be so rewarding – by uniting with bloggers in the same arena as yourself, you can compare notes with what’s happening in that area.  After all, 2 bloggers can post about the same topic, but each will bring a different view to the table. Uniting with other bloggers in the same area as yourself can provide lots of opportunity to “cross connect”.  I find valuable information and inspiration by following other dog bloggers that I then in turn share on my blog. It is never ok to steal another’s content – and I ALWAYS give credit where credit is due.  Linking back to the original author is the honorable and professional thing to do.  Finding information that I then post and share on my blog enables me to provide my own view of the same idea; and by linking back, it gives my reader the opportunity to read further on the topic and enjoy the other bloggers’ viewpoint on the same subject. What are your thoughts on Uniting with other bloggers? a to z April Challenge