Dental Danger


Imagine if you NEVER brushed your teeth…



February was Pet Dental Health Month. Websites, blogs and Twitter were full of tips and tricks,  how-to’s  and warnings on the pitfalls of neglecting dental care for your dog.

Starting tomorrow, don’t brush your teeth – really – don’t.
Continue this routine – and as the days stretch into weeks and the weeks into months; still don’t brush your teeth.  What do you think would happen?  How would you feel? What would happen to not only your dental health but your overall health as well?

That’s how it is for  the pet that does not receive dental care. Now I  know they don’t look in the mirror and think “damn, my teeth look BAD – and they SMELL!” But the negative health impact is real.

We all have busy schedules and it can be hard to remember to work this into our daily routine; so here’s a tip that’s simple and to the point. This tip requires a bit of visualization: when someone walks into my house it is glaringly apparent that I am a dog lover/owner. From the stuffed toys strewn across the floors, to the round cushy beds, my house screams “DOG!”

So what’s one more reminder that I have dogs? – I place their dental care items in plain view – yep, right on the kitchen counter where I see it every day.  dog dental careWhen I walk by this mini dental hygiene display I am reminded that they need their daily dental care. It works! Try it!

dog dental care

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