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a to z challenge 2016


Economics of Dog Ownership – how does it add up?

So you have decided to add a dog to your life.  You have been pouring over pictures, writing down names and looking at all those cute little sweaters in the pet department.

The decision to own a dog is an emotional one – finding one that fits your lifestyle, surroundings and let’s face it, expectations, is no easy task.  But what is the economic reality of having a dog?

Before you bring that bundle of fur home for his/her first night, create a master plan.

a to z challenge 2016Dogs need things.  Not to many, but a few for necessity and comfort.  Food and water bowls, a bed, toys appropriate for his/her size and age.

Talk to other people you know who are dog owners. Get a recommendation for a vet and visit their office. Some practices have “puppy packs” that itemize the care and costs your new puppy or dog will need when you bring it home as well as the details on routine, long term care.   Plus, they will be a knowledgeable resource for any questions or concerns you might have regarding dog ownership.

Adding a dog to your life is a big decision full of anticipation and excitement – planning ahead for the care of your new family member will make that addition even more joyous.

What were the unexpected economics when you added a dog to your family?

a to z challenge 2016

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