Due Diligence

pet-health-awarenessNovember is Pet Health Awareness Month.  This reminds me a little bit of New Year’s. It’s a great time to make a promise to do better where your pet’s overall health care is concerned.

Have you been lax when it comes to brushing their teeth? (yes, I have).

Do you think it’s ok to skip annual visits to your vet as long as your dog appears to be feeling well? (the key word here is “appears”).

As our dogs age, changes in their overall health are inevitable. They may act and look just fine, but their bodies are changing just like ours do as we grow older.

maxie12Maxie will be 14 in June.  Two years ago, she seemed ageless. She was eating well, enjoying our walks and even engaging in the occasional tug-of-war with Mia.  But an annual visit to the vet and some routine tests concluded otherwise.  There was an issue with her thyroid numbers, the beginnings of pancreatitis  and high fat content in her blood.

My vet suggested a prescription for her thyroid and a change of diet to see if we could improve upon the condition of her blood.  It was shortly after that an alarming incident happened at home.  Maxie seemed disoriented, gazing into the distance, sometimes trembling, sometimes clinging to me.  It happened a few times in just a couple of days.  When I described this to my vet, he had some disturbing news – sometimes high fat content in the blood can cause a seizure type episode.  What I was describing fit this criteria. There really wasn’t much else we could do at the moment.  We were already on the right path.  But we had caught this just in time  – a testament to the importance of regular check -ups.

Tests just a few months later resulted in a positive turn around. Her thyroid numbers were improving and new blood tests revealed a reduction in the fat content.  Our regimen was working. Most importantly, Maxie was not having any disorienting episodes.

Currently Maxie is doing very well. She LIVES for mealtimes, loves our walks and from time to time, chases Mia through the house!

So how about it?  Are your ready to renew your commitment to provide the best care when it comes to your dog’s overall health? I am!  Comment here and  let me know how you are doing and we will keep you up to date on our new brushing routines!



    • Theresa says:

      I’m trying to start a morning routine: before I leave for work I use dental cleansing pads on their teeth. My goal is to try this for 2 weeks until they get used to them – then move on to a toothbrush.

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