Fear Factor

Ruff Talk MiaMia snores.  I know this, because as I lay awake at night, I hear her. As I lay in the silent dark, I think how great it is she can rest so peacefully.  I cannot turn off the day that easily. The quiet of the night brings a torrent of thoughts, to-do lists pile up in my head, and worries of the days to come multiply.   My fears relating to a major move across three state lines and adjusting to a new location clutter my thoughts, and ramp up my apprehensions until I can’t breathe normally and need to practice calming  techniques.

Mia’s fears are quick and fleeting. I envy that she lives in the moment.   I wish my fears would not linger, but pass as quickly as Mia’s seem to. Although she has her own struggles right now adjusting to new surroundings, she doesn’t worry about what was undone that day – or about a list of things waiting when the sun rises.

I need to be more like Mia.  Enjoy the day,  and at the end of it, lay down peacefully and hopefully snore the night away.

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What keeps you up at night?