Foregoing Fetch

a to z challenge 2016


Fetch – no thank you.

Recently in my post An Essential Command, I communicated the value in teaching your dog the ‘come, when called’ command.

Fetch is a command the Ruff Talk Girls have not mastered.

a to z challenge 2016


When it comes to Fetch, Maxie has a ‘nope, not for me attitude’; she exhibits this with a look my way when I toss her a toy, and then walks away.



a to z challenge 2016


Mia will scoop up a stuffed toy when thrown to her , but does not always bring it back to me. She usually she just shakes the dickens out of it.



For now, Fetch is met with a ‘no thank you’ from the Ruff Talk Girls.

Is there a command your dog is not particularly interested in?

a to z challenge 2016

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  1. Liz Brownlee says:

    Lola, my assistance dog, LOVES ‘fetch’ BUT… won’t bring it back. Well, she will sometimes, but for her the fun is in running after it, rather than bringing it to me. Usually she drops it near her feet having run to get it, and waits for me to wearily go to her and throw it again. Except – if she suddenly knows (I have no idea how) that this throw is the last one. In which case, she runs as far as she can away from home and drops the ball at her feet there, waits for me to get there, picks it up and runs further. This can be VERY FRUSTRATING! Lol!

    • Theresa says:

      Mia seems to like to run after it as well and then shake it around and run in circles. Not much of a “fetch” but she’s having fun! Thanks for visiting Ruff Talk.

  2. Roll Over! Choppy knew it at some point, and then decided she was just never going to do it again. I think something about rolling all the way over bothered her. She is fully capable of it, and she has no trouble doing dead dog (which gets her halfway there), but I don’t think I will ever see her voluntarily roll over again!

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