Fresh Start

Ruff Talk Mia

Looking for a new vet is a daunting task. Our first experience was not a good one.After over 14 years with the same vet, our move from Iowa to Ohio required that I find someone new for the Ruff Talk Girls.

In my post Trust Your Instincts , I wrote about having an honest conversation with your vet and following your feelings when it comes to presented treatment options.

I set out to find one just like the practice I adored in Iowa.

When we arrived at the office, Mia, being highly reactive, made her presence known to the staff in the waiting room .  My first tip this was not going to go well: the vet, upon hearing Mia announce her arrival, walked to the waiting room door, looked at me, looked at Mia, and closed the adjoining door to the waiting and exam rooms.

After we were escorted to an exam room, Mia continued to bark and carry on as the vet and his tech entered the room.  We were there for a quick exam for Maxie who had visited a 24 hour emergency clinic for a sprained  paw a week earlier, and she needed a follow up.

Maxie’s exam went well and the drone of all of our voices seemed to settle Mia down for a short time.

As soon as there was movement in the room, she reacted, barking and lunging.  The vet would not approach Mia, and did not ask to have Mia placed on the exam table (although I made it clear when I scheduled the appointment for Maxie, that Mia needed a new patient exam so we could possibly be established as clients. )

As the vet started to exit the room I was still trying to initiate a conversation with him about Mia’s re-activeness, and trying to explain to him that since Mia was having trouble adjusting to her new surroundings, I was working on some desensitization training. His curt response was “maybe she’ll get used to her new surroundings” and then as he started to close the door behind him, he shook his head and said “she’s really something”  It was clear that was NOT a compliment!

While I was still on site, I checked into the boarding at this facility and I could see this was not going to be a good fit for us as well. There were inside kennels for the dogs but outside was one big fenced free play area – that would never work for Mia.

So our search for a new vet continued.

What criteria do you use when looking for a vet for your best friend?