Fun with Fur

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Give much thought to your dog’s Fur ?- Me neither!



I don’t really think to much about Maxie and Mia’s fur.  With the exception of a few bouts of dry skin in the winter all goes pretty well. Most of my concentration on their fur comes at grooming time (teaser – G is for Grooming!)

I have learned over the years that regular grooming, brushing out the matts and a well timed bath keeps their fur in tip top shape.  I have a preference for as natural of products as I can find, so I gravitate towards shampoos that are formulated with all natural ingredients and little or no fragrance.

When we take our first walk after a bath, the inevitable happens – SOMETHING smells SO good one of them can’t resist rolling in it – Oh well, that’s why I buy the large size bottle of shampoo !
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