Go or Stay Home?


It’s great if you can get to the BlogPaws Conference –
but its ok if you stay home too…

The BlogPaws site is full of great information on their annual conference and the activities scheduled that will benefit  attending bloggers.

But what if you can’t go?  Logistically, financially and for a number of other reasons, it may not be realistic for you to make the trip; and that’s ok.

Say that again. It’s ok if you stay home. Here’s why:

I have tried to attend their annual conference for the last 2 years.  For one reason or another, it didn’t work out. But what I did make a conscience decision about, was that I would stay involved in the BlogPaws community.   Along with working on growing  my blog, I have been developing my other social media audiences as well. For me, my Twitter has seen the most growth;and that speaks to the point to find your niche.  For others, their Facebook or Instagram accounts seem to flourish. Regardless of the path you choose , BlogPaws has the information to guide you.

The BlogPaws website includes educational posts and forums, and they host Google Hangouts, Twitter chats and Blog Hops. All of these venues are great for networking with other bloggers from novice to experienced.

If you truly want a blog that you can be proud of, grow, and if it’s your goal to monetize, then you won’t give up. You will seek out all the information you can to reach your blogging goals.

So if it works out to go to the BlogPaws Conference, then go, learn, grow and enjoy!

If you stay home, then choose to stay in the BlogPaws network, learn, grow and enjoy!

As for me – well here’s my choice for the Spring of 2015:
I'm Going to BlogPaws 2015! Join me!