Guilt – it’s a good thing

Not long ago an enjoyable  weekend came to its inevitable end. It was filled with great food, fun,  (even though the weather didn’t want to totally cooperate) and most importantly lots of time with family! The one thing neglected?  My walks with the “Ruff Girls”.   We managed to squeeze in a couple of short ones, but before long the weekend was over.

Monday after work found me sorting through loads of laundry, catching up on paperwork, emails and particpating in a PetChat on Twitter that I absolutely enjoy every week.

As I diligently worked through all my self-imposed tasks, into my office walked Maxie and Mia. They seek me out around the house, “supervising” and just generally checking up on me.

I reached down to pet the two of them.  They looked up at me and patiently waited for more; and then GUILT hit me –

They are the reason I started Ruff Talk.

They are the reason I look forward to interacting with like minded pet lovers on Twitter-they are my inspiration for my posts and most of all – they are one of the main reasons I smile.

When I am busy around the house, they come looking for me for interaction or just to be near.

No matter what kind of day I have at work, they are my evening greeters with that all encompassing affection they can’t wait to share when I walk in the door.

I’m not sure I can fully explain all the ways they enrich my life.

SO..I bid a brief “be right back” on Twitter, said the magic “W” word and made a be – line for the door.  They were close behind.

Although we are in the Midwest it had been more like the Amazon recently.  It had been raining incessantly and more was on its way, but the evening was clear for now.

It was a wonderful walk.

Sometimes GUILT is a good thing.