How our Dogs see us


Have you had one of ‘those’ days at work?



A day when a co-worker is unkind, topped off by discourteous and unprofessional?
A day when your supervisor backs said co-worker, not you?

A day when a customer chooses a rude path  of action, after you tried to resolve–kindly–their service issue?

AND come home.. and who greets you?  Your DOG (in my case, both my dogs)

And you know what? They don’t care what kind of day you had.

All they see is you.

They see the person they missed all day. (if “missed” can be accepted as a valid dog emotion)

They see the person that has showed up for their favorite time of day – mealtime!

They see the person that let’s them roll all over them, snore next to them, hog the couch and share any afghan readily available.

In our Dog’s eyes, we can hardly do any wrong.  We are GREAT – just the way they see us.

Thank goodness for “one of those days” at work: because those kinds of days make coming home to our dogs all that much better.