Little Things


There’s a lot of  Little things my dogs do that make me smile..



Like when Maxie  prances on the bedroom floor in the early morning,  her toenails click, clicking on the laminate,until I get up to feed her;



Or when she stares at me like I’m just supposed to KNOW what she’s thinking



Like when Mia grabs the end of my robe with her teeth and tugs so I move faster towards that all important breakfast bowl;



Or when Maxie sits outside looking like a little sentry guarding all of us;





And when Mia plays till she’s tired and cuddles with her toy;





or jumps in the patio chair with that ‘pass the sunscreen’ look.



It’s the Little things my dogs do everyday that make me smile, and make me happy in countless ways.

Share the Little things about your dog that make you smile!

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  1. Cait says:

    Those are all lovely ‘little things’.

    Some of my little things with our dog, Tara:
    – When I get my nail file out, Tara gives me a paw so I can do her nails too.
    – If I put lip balm on, I have to rub it on the lid and then rub it on Tara’s top lip (my dog is clearly a princess)
    – The way she wraps herself up in our throw rug before lying down on her bed and getting comfy
    – The fact that her favourite place in the world is snuggled up, cuddling with my husband on the sofa.


    • Theresa says:

      Thanks for sharing ‘little things’ with your dog too. Isn’t it funny how they learn our habits? (re: the nail file :)) Appreciate you stopping by Ruff Talk!

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