Max, a Supersized Hero

Max the movie

Max, the much anticipated movie,
especially for dog lovers,
is in theatres Friday June 26. I’ll admit I didn’t quite ‘get’ the bond shared between dogs and their owners until I had dogs of my own.  What was with all this “they’re part of the family” and “he/she is my best friend” business, anyway??  How could A DOG be any of these things?  What kind of an impact, really, can a dog have on a person and/or a family?

Then I was lucky enough to have a dog come into my life.; and I understood; it all made sense.

There are many researchers, observers, trainers, and pet parents that try to explain the bond between a dog and their owner.  Some rely on research, behavioral conditioning and training. Others try to explain it through observation either in a controlled setting or casual circumstance.

But dog owners, no matter what their background, will wholeheartedly agree on one thing regarding that bond – IT IS REAL.  Undeniably, unchallenging, real. Although this bond is often described as an emotional connection, it is as real as two being tethered with a rope. As anyone that has ever lost their dog will attest –  the heartache and emptiness feels like a part of you truly has been removed.

The movie trailers for Max highlight not only a main story about a teen boy and the struggle to create a relationship between the two, but also the bond Max had for his constant Marine companion Kyle and the after affects of adjusting to civilian life.  Veterans and their families will likely be able to identify with the challenges depicted that come with these changes.

How will audiences react to this emotional, heart-tugging  story of a boy and his dog?  Will the movie convey accurately that bringing a dog into a home requires diligence and commitment?  Will the producers of the movie communicate that this particular breed, Belgian Malinois, is a dog that requires specialized training for very specific tasks they are called upon to complete?

Let’s meet back here after the movie has been in theatres and compare notes. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the movie Max, as well as the bond you share with your dog.  Until then, enjoy this mid-summer movie and most of all, enjoy the bond you have with your dog (I know I do!)Max the movie


  1. Rama's Mama says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this movie! I remember seeing the trailer and getting very excited about it, but I still haven’t seen it! Gah! Shame on me! Love your new look, btw!

  2. Great post! And yes, sometimes it takes having a really special dog come into your life to change everything. I like your metaphor about being tethered together. The bond really is that strong.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Max …though also a bit nervous as it does look like a real tear jerker.

  3. Rex Gatling says:

    Nice post!
    I think the movie looks pretty sweet.
    I have a great bond with my dogs but i don’t think my dogs would last long in a combat situation unless the enemy surrendered due to hearing loss from all their barking!

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