Meet Maxie and Mia


Meet Maxie and Mia – the Ruff Talk Girls!



MaxieWhen I brought home Maxie almost 14 years ago, I had no idea what a wonderful addition she would be to my life.  My kids were growing up and I’ll admit I needed someone to nurture. She is my constant companion, a ‘think-er’ , she still loves our walks, and if she could speak, I think she’d have a very dry sense of humor!




When Maxie turned 6, I brought home Mia – I just felt it would benefit Maxie to have a 4-legged friend in the house – I was right – although taking on a dog , let alone 2 dogs should not be taken lightly – it was a  great decision for me. She, too, is my constant companion, and can’t let a morning go by without snuggling with me while I have my morning coffee. If she could speak, she’d tell jokes and be laugh out loud funny!


Hug the One You Love!
Hug the One You Love!

Some days it seems it’s Mia’s mission to annoy Maxie but  then I find them snuggling together; and to me, that cements the details of their bond.



You can read more about Maxie and Mia on the  Ruff Talk Bio page.

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