Mistakes Happen

The weather is frosty here in the Midwest.  Our first snow a day ago has left the ground a blanket of white and the air has a serrated bite to it.  Not to be deterred, the Ruff Girls and I bundled up this afternoon and headed outside to enjoy this early winter.

At the end of the drive, I started to jog.   The dogs really like this; they instinctively pick up their pace too and it adds that ‘fun factor’.  Two seconds into this jog,  there was a strong resistance on the leash.

I was still jogging when I turned to see Maxie rolling like a tumbleweed at the end of the leash! Her harness had slipped down her shoulders from under her coat, causing it to wrap around her ankles, her parka was twisting and she was caught up in it all.

Cold and shivering, partly from the cold and partly I’m sure from her tumble, I picked her up, sat at the side of the street, untangled her, and bundled her back up. It was evident by this mess, I had not secured the harness under her coat.   Mia tugged impatiently on her leash wanting to continue on with our walk.



As we made our way to our favorite field, she was no worse for the wear. I thought how great it is our dogs just accept what comes their way, the good the bad and the ugly; all the while looking to see if we are still there.  Never judging or holding our mistakes against us.

Is there a time you made a mistake but your dog still walked beside you anyway?



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  1. Oh, geez. Things like that happen more often than I’d like to admit. I’ve tripped over the fluffies leashes numerous times causing them to trip and face plant. They hop back up, give me a quick kiss, and we’re on our way.

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