Natural choices

a to z challenge 2016


Natural choicesI find that as I grow older, I am gravitating towards foods and products labeled ‘all natural’ and ‘organic’.  I am making these same choices for Maxie and Mia.

I have become an avid label reader. I read the labels on all of the food and treats I purchase for them.  Sounds a little obsessive, I know, but honestly I find it interesting.  It’s amazing what can be stuffed into a can of dog food and /or treats and many times I cannot pronounce or identify an ingredient.  That’s when the item goes back on the shelf.  Reading a label also will identify the validity of a product’s claim as well.

Now, most times they’ll eat just about anything that doesn’t move (and sometimes things that do). This new practice makes me feel better about the choices I present to the Ruff Talk girls.

Are you choosing foods/treats for your dog based on what’s listed on the label?

a to z challenge 2016

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