New Train of Thought


To truly make a change in Mia’s life,  I had to be willing to
make a change in mine. 

In a previous post,  Never Settle, I wrote about BAT – Behavior Adjustment Training;  a training method I implemented with Mia to help her with leash aggression.

When I approached my new vet about trying to adjust  Mia’s behavior, he cited her age as a deterrent to change and remarked “it will probably be you that will be trained, not the dog”.  Inside I scoffed and  thought “Really, I don’t need any training”; “this training is for the dog. ”

I wanted Mia to change; I wanted her to be more relaxed and confident in her own skin. For that to happen I had to change too. I am my dog’s biggest advocate.  So why the resistance in accepting that I needed to rethink my philosophies?

When I studied the BAT information,  it became abundantly clear  –  I needed training too.   The biggest service I can offer Mia is to be her protector and assist her as we work together to dispel her ongoing fear of encounters.

As I educated myself with additional  details of BAT, I learned that in order to alter Mia’s behavior, I had to be a step ahead of her all the time. That idea was foreign to me at first. Why couldn’t I just TRAIN her to behave?  But the BAT method taught me I needed to learn her body language and watch for signs that indicated she was about to react, and then be informed enough to apply the new training methods.

Successfully I  have re-trained my thought process and in doing so, learned  how to better handle Mia.  She has made remarkable improvements and along the way taught me a few lessons!

You can read more about Mia’s progress in our post New and Improved.

Learn more about BAT hereBAT-bookA







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