Ovation for Obedience


Obedience Training – there’s as many schools of thoughts as there are dogs!



Obedience tips abound for anything you want to train your dog to do.  The benefits of working with your dog and teaching even just basic obedience skills is well documented.  From a simple ‘sit, stay’ that can save a dog’s life when it’s necessary he/she remain next to you, to a well learned ‘recall’ so your dog willingingly returns to your side, obedience training proves again and again how necessary it is to make it an active, ongoing part of your dog’s life.

Obedience training comes with its own set of tools to choose from – there are training collars and leashes, and the right tools can enhance the process. (Ruff Talk is an advocate for positive training methods).

Clickers have long been publicized as a great ‘go to’ tool for obedience training. Check out an exciting new obedience tool that will bring a whole new sense of enjoyment to clicker training. Visit clickerplus.com to find out about this new innovative product.

Recently a blogger I like to follow, published a  post regarding obedience and how it can actually save on vet bills – read his great article here:


All of this being said there is one MAJOR positive to obedience training: the time spent with your dog.  That one on one time is what strengthens the bond between you and your dog and worth every minute!

MM1643The Ruff Talk Girls have mastered a ‘sit’ and they are pretty good at answering my ‘recall’ command. There’s a lot more to learn and we are excited that spring has sprung here in the Midwest and we can take our obedience training outdoors.

We hope you’ll share your favorite memories of  obedience training sessions with your dog, as well as any tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way.

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