Penchant for Routine

Ruff Talk 4 Dogs


Habits – hard to break

Habits – I’ve got them and so do the Ruff Talk Girls.

Ruff Talk 4 DogsSome of their habits are ingrained because they are dogs. They will step round and round, pawing at the puffy bed bottom, until they have it just right, then lay down in a furry semi-circle.

Some habits are embedded because of routine – breakfast, for example.


Rain or shine, summer or winter, Maxie wakes at 3;30 a.m. Try as I might I cannot retrain her to wake later in the morning. Prior to her prancing at the side of my bed, she alerts me with her low ‘grrrr’.  I’ve tried feeding her later in the evening, and giving her a late night snack.  But her little body clock continues to ring loud and clear for breakfast before the sunrise.  Of course, Mia rises as well , not able to ignore Maxie’s early morning antics .

Does your dog have a habit that is attributed to a routine?

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  1. Pat Garcia says:

    I don’t have a dog at the moment, but I can say that I have habits that I am continually breaking because they attribute to a routine. Routines tend to bind us and we stop looking outside the box because we are always doing the same thing the same way.

    I liked your article.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

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