Plan to be Fit


Appointment calendars, editorial calendars,
planning calendars…have you ever thought of
a Fitness Calendar for your dog?


There is a lot of great information this time of year about pet fitness.  The suggestions range from constructing an indoor obstacle course, games of hide and seek, to activities outdoors. They all sound good, but where do you start?  Every time I read one of these articles I think
that sounds like a good idea” and then that’s usually as far as it goes.

I’m pretty good about keeping a notebook handy to jot down blog posts or web design ideas when they occur to me, so I thought, how about if I start planning to incorporate fitness into our weeks for the Ruff Girls? With all the scheduling and organizing I do in other areas of my life, why not this too?

So I got out my planner, and entered the activities I wanted to starting working on with Maxie and Mia. Here are our top 5 activities we have planned between now and the end of March:

“they’ll never find us”

Hide and Seek – the weather in the Midwest this time of year doesn’t always cooperate when it comes to outdoor activities – so I think this would be fun for us especially after a long day away from each other!



Clicker TrainingThis method really fascinates me. There isn’t a lot of physical exertion (usually) but I think they would enjoy the mental stimulation this time of year. (check out an exciting new product coming soon – the Clicker Ring created by Dog Guy Josh )

puzzles help prevent boredom

Treat Puzzles – I have a few of these I have been excited to try.  Again, not a demanding physical challenge but they will enjoy the mental exercise. Although sometimes in the past the Ruff Girls have walked away from these, this is an easy activity to incorporate into an evening together.  You can pretty much set it out and see if they approach it from time to time. (hint – keep a camera handy – might be some great photo ops here)


Indoor Obstacle Course –   Mia enjoys physical activity and I think she might enjoy this challenge if she doesn’t decide to be timid and shy away from it. I’m not sure Maxie will engage in this, she is more of a “treat puzzle” kind of girl. (again-keep a camera close by!)

choose your dental routine

Dental care how does this apply to fitness you ask? With Pet Dental Month just around the corner why not make a note to start a simple dental health routine after your fitness activities conclude?  Decide which care routine works best for you – is it a dental treat, dental cleansing pads (that’s what we are doing right now) or tooth brushing?  By making a note about this, you are more likely to make this a part of your time with your dog and eventually you won’t need the written reminder – it will be part of what you do,  like providing food and water.

Need more inspiration?  Visit Puppy Leaks for some really great ideas!

On our agenda this week?  Dental Care before work in the morning and Treat Puzzles after work in the early evening.

Next week? We start with the clicker training.

The time spent with your dog(s) will be invaluable; and chances are you will learn something about each other in the process.

Stop by here and share your ideas for a fitness plan for your dog(s) and we’ll keep you up to date with pictures and posts on our social media accounts. Happy Planning!



  1. These are really great ideas. With pet dental health going on, I’m reminded that I need to get into a teeth brushing routine. Hopefully, we will also get some warm weather so I can get outside with the pups!

    • Theresa says:

      It has been a challenge here to get into a routine but planning does seem to help. We need a change in the weather too! Thanks for stopping by Ruff Talk. I always appreciate hearing from you.

    • Theresa says:

      Procrastination is not our friend! It may seem old school to write things down but it works! Good luck and keep in touch to let us know how your plan is going. Thanks for stopping by Ruff Talk.

  2. Daisy Pets says:

    Great idea! I really need to start planning physical activities with Diego since we end up always going on the same walk and doing the same routines because it is easy! You have inspired me to try that little bit harder and really find new and exciting physical exercises to do together.

    • Theresa says:

      Thank you for your comments – yes, it is easy to stay with the same habits, isn’t it? I find the same happens to us. Good luck finding new exercises to do together; keep in touch and let us know how its going.

  3. Jen Gabbard says:

    It really is amazing how much stronger the bond gets each time you spend quality time with your pets. And as you say it’s important to get in the habit of creating a good fitness routine – and once that habit is formed it’s just like second nature. I’ve been lacking on the dental care lately, I really need to catch back up on that. Thank you so much for the shot out, I really appreciate it.

    • Theresa says:

      Thank you for stopping by Ruff Talk – and it was great to find your article on your site. Good luck getting back in the habit of a fitness routine.

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