Poop happens


Dog owners know the proof is in the poop.



We learn quickly as dog owners the importance of our dog’s poop when tracking their health and well being.  What dog owner has not dutifully followed their dog around the yard trying to snag the sample needed for a pending vet visit?  Upon examination of said sample at your vet’s office, quite possibly  a diagnose can be determined regarding your dog’s condition.

New dog owners may not be able to retrieve that sample without the proverbial gag, but  seasoned dog owners can scoop that pile into a doggie bag without missing a step!

A final word, ok three words, regarding poop – scoop that poop!  Why is it that so many dog owners seem to be ok with leaving their dog’s mess behind?  Let’s all make the world a better place for us and our dogs:  scoop that poop!

(I’ll admit I had to fight the urge to take pics of my dog’s poop for this post- so for the squeamish – you’re welcome!)

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  1. Love the title! And yep, I often joke that I am a queen of poop. I have a dogsitting business so I’m ALWAYS scooping poop. I can go out in the yard and I know exactly which dog each pile of poop belongs to. Amazing there are so many shades and consistencies and shapes of poop! I feel so sorry for my trash guys: I even gave them a nice tip at Christmastime: they deserved it dealing with my big trash can full of poop every week! Great topic for dog owners…
    Michele at Angels Bark

    • Theresa says:

      Ok I thought I was the only one that could walk out into my yard and know which dog left which pile! LOL! Thanks for stepping over the piles to visit Ruff Talk.

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