Pure and essential essence

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My perfect companions..


of the pure and essential essence of something

of or relating to the most perfect embodiment of something

Ruff Talk 4 DogsI think my dogs are perfect  – the perfect pets, the perfect companions and best friends.  They greet me exuberantly, they listen intently, they love me unconditionally.

My quintessential dogs.



Share why you think YOUR dog(s) are perfect!

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  1. Andrea says:

    Dogs are perfect, always! I miss having dogs but Im on the move all the time so can’t have any for now. But their unconditional love is the purest thing on this Earth.

    Andrea from Music & Words blog
    Volunteer in Damyanti’s D Company #atozchallenge

    • Theresa says:

      Can’t argue with perfection! Hope sometime in the future you can enjoy the companionship of a dog again. Thanks for visiting Ruff Talk.

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