We all have our quirks – but what about our dogs?



 Most dog owners will agree that their dog’s personality traits are what make them so lovable – but what about their quirks?

mia1049Mia has a tendency to run and hide under the bed – sometimes without any warning – and what sets her off is anybody’s guess. She has to sit on my left side in the recliner every morning while I have coffee.



maxie1051Maxie will  steal the wash rag hanging over the bath tub everytime I leave it there after giving her a bath and run into another room with it.  Whether I’m working in the kitchen, or folding clothes down the hall, I catch her staring at me.  This may or may not be a quirk, but I  often wonder why she feels she has to watch me so closely. (My little guard dog!)


These little quirks  are part of what makes each of them unique.  And like any long term relationship these quirks make them all that more endearing.

Does your dog have any quirks built into their personality?

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  1. Michael Taylor says:

    These quirks are perfect for the two dogs! I love coming home and having Mia just wait to jump up on the left side, miss this!

  2. I love dog quirks! You’re right: they make them so endearing. My Picasso has a nightly quirk: he will literally stand for as long as it takes and stare at me — stare into my eyeballs — until I give him his nightly treat. I’ve tested it and he stood in the same position staring at me for over 40 minutes one time! I kept telling him, “after the movie, when the movie’s over I’ll give you your snack” but he kept standing and staring. He makes me giggle all the time!
    Michele at Angels Bark

    • Theresa says:

      What’s with ‘the stare’? I find Maxie doing that all the time. I doubt what I’m doing at the time is that interesting! 🙂 Thanks for your comment about Picasso and for visiting Ruff Talk.

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