Ruff Talk Girls mystery


Where in the world have the Ruff Talk Girls been?

As bloggers, we strive and struggle to create content and get it posted in a timely manner.  But what about when other parts of our life interrupt our blogging plans?   How do you ensure those posts are uploaded in a timely manner, keep your pages fresh and perfect your web design all within the confines of managing ‘real’ life’?

Sometimes you don’t.

This past summer, a number of changes happening all at the same time brought me to a crossroads; how to keep up on a blog which I adore having and simultaneously try to cope with, manage and organize a multi state move not only for myself but my 2 sons as well(to 2 different states in opposite directions). It was a large undertaking for all of us.  As much as I love my blogging life, in the end my devotion to my family edged out my diligence to my blog –  apparent by the date of my last post – June 21st .

My sons are settled into their new lives and all the details have been finalized regarding our move from Ohio to Iowa.

We busted up our blog, chose a new WordPress theme and started down the redesign path!

Ruff Talk website construction


I  believe what truly makes a great blog is devotion and diligence. When you see your way clear to  devote the time necessary, that’s when you  see it all come together; the content,the posts and the design all mesh.  It’s ok if other parts of our lives interrupt us from time to time.  Our lives, our families, change.  How we handle that change, speaks volumes to our character. It was the right decision for me to take the time be with my family during major changes in our lives.

Hopefully my faithful followers of Ruff Talk  will continue to visit us here.  I am anxious to grow my readership, engage my audience and continue my mission to promote encouragement and education for the overall health and well being of all dogs and the owners that love them.

 We hope you will sniff around Ruff Talk, tell your friends and visit us often.