We hope you enjoyed meeting the Ruff Talk Girls!

There is more to explore here at Ruff Talk, so sniff around!

Our Miss Maxie page focuses on “education through encouragement” .  This page is evolving into an informational page regarding the overall health and well being of all dogs.  It has everything from recall alerts to helpful information on protecting your best friend.  Visit this page often as we are constantly adding new information.

Our Mia’s Dog Pile page, is “bits and bites” of information. The primary focus of this page is to share everything from quotes to cartoons, as well as dog  stories that range from heartwarming to humorous.  We want this page to make you feel better just because you visited. 

 A little bite (pun intended) of information about myself:  I’m Theresa; dog parent, blogger and web architect.  I enjoy shameless bragging about Maxie and Mia when I get the chance on social media venues. I enjoy all things computer; I’m a total nerd.   I enjoy spending time with Maxie and Mia as much as time spent with my 2-legged family! 

Ruff Talk not only focuses on the life I share with my dogs but strives to promote fun for dogs and the owners that love them.  I hope the information you find on our pages creates joy, and provides education and encouragement for you as a fellow dog owner.

Questions about my website/blog, design, information you find on my site or if you just want to share with another dog lover, can be emailed to : topdog@rufftalk4dogs.com