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I love to talk about my dogs.  You know those parents that share multiple photos of their little ones at the water cooler, or always have  a ‘cute ‘ story about something their toddler did? I am that person about my dogs. I can tell a story anywhere, anytime about my dogs. To me, they are entertaining, humorous and engaging.


Ruff Talk  was established in January of 2013 when I set up a blog on Blogger. Six months later when I discovered WordPress,  I spent a Saturday night downloading the software while on the phone with my hosting provider.  After purchasing my domain name, I was up and running!  A little bare bones, but there it was, big as life,

In the months that followed I found I would get lost in design details and blog very little.  Or I would just chuck working on the technical side and write blog posts to add much needed content to my site. Page ideas, photo ops, all flooded my thoughts on a constant basis – almost 2 years later (14 in dog years!) they still do – Not a day goes by I don’t formulate either a  post in my head or entertain a design change to my blog – and I’m loving every minute of it. I’m still learning the organization of it all – and strive to improve on developing a more structured routine.

Creating a purpose for the Ruff Talk site, defining a mission statement and developing a site that is cohesive is an ongoing project – and I doubt I’ll ever be truly done.   I cannot draw a clear line on which I enjoy more – the writing or the web site designing.  For now, it’s a tie.

For everyone that has visited Ruff Talk, and offered support and encouragement – thank you. I appreciate each of you.  Since I still love talking about my dogs, I’m sure  Ruff Talk 4 Dogs has many ‘dog years’ ahead of it!

Sniff around while you’re here – check out our Ruff Talk Bio page and Maxie and Mia have their own pages too!

Share why you started your own blog!  I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your love of your dogs and your love of blog design! I blog because I write and because I want to encourage others. It’s about that simple. 🙂

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