Season of Change

Ruff TalkA multi-state move – new beginnings – a new home – oh my!After almost 30 years in Iowa, the plans we had been implementing to move to Columbus Ohio for the last few years, were finalized.  With both of our sons moving from Iowa to Nebraska and New York respectively, I felt like I was constantly saying good-bye.

At times, it seemed like to much all at once. I had to adjust to my daughter moving to the Columbus area 10 years ago and now I found myself trying to reconcile that my boys are states away as well.  I underestimated the impact it would have on me to leave my house behind for apartment living.

Ruff Talk


Then there were the Ruff Talk Girls.  They followed me around the house all summer, as I sorted and packed.  They would survey the obstacle course created by the  mounting piles of boxes, but were content because nothing was changing for them-yet.  As the house emptied out, they started to show signs of mild confusion. Why was everything moved around?


Ruff Talk


The day arrived to drive the moving truck out of the drive. With Maxie and Mia in tow, buckled into dog beds in the back, we headed for Columbus.

It has taken them  some time to settle in. Maxie, who is 14, ironically settled in without to many issues quite quickly.  Mia, who is 8, was another story.  She has always been much more reactive to distractions so her adjustment time has been longer.


Change can be good. It can also be overwhelming, scary and in my case as well as Mia’s – make you feel displaced. Being out of your element is unsettling and the familiarity we all knew dissipated.

Ruff Talk


We are eagerly building new lives now.  Lives that include family nearby instead of a day long drive away.   This change that we so carefully planned has become a beautiful reality.




Have you had a major change in your life – planned or unplanned?  What were your biggest challenges?