Stressing out

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Effects of Stress

Does our stress pass to our dogs?  Over the last half a year, with all the changes regarding a multi-state move from Iowa to Ohio,  the stress associated with this move has taken a toll on me – and the Ruff Talk girls.  I think every instinct they have went into high alert as I tried to navigate my own stresses from day to day.  From Mia’s reactiveness to Maxie’s penchant to follow my every turn, my trials trying to adjust to new surroundings radiated to them as well.

We have turned a corner.   Lessons learned included adding exercise into our day when stressed – and  to allow myself and the dogs time to readjust. We are now settling in and we are all visibly more even tempered.

One final thought : can I be more like this? Ruff Talk Girls kick up dirt

Have you seen stress in your life carry over to your dog’s behavior?  How did you try to resolve it?

a to z challenge 2016

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