Think-er or Do-er?

Have you ever thought about your dog’s personality? Defining it can go a long way in fulfilling your dog’s needs.


I recently purchased a dog puzzle.  I excitedly set it up and presented it to my “Ruff Girls”. They sniffed at it of course, mildly interested and then walked away.

“Wait!” I called to them-” this is fun!!” “Look- there’s treats in here!”

I resorted to reading the “helpful hints” enclosed and tried some of those.  A little more interest but still not what I had hoped.

So I walked away and left the puzzle in the middle of the room for awhile.

I thought for sure, Mia who is only 7, would be intrigued by the puzzle. However, it was clear that she was disinterested in working for her treats.

Maxie, who will be 13 years  in June, started to inspect it and the smell of the treats hidden under the little domes kept her attention. She became determined to reach the treat and spent several minutes nudging and pawing, until ..SUCCESS.  She tipped her first dome over and scarfed her reward. Then it was on to the next until she had found all 4 treats.  Mia watched, in what I can only imagine, was a “what the heck?” feeling.   She watched Maxie gobble down treats, and finally walked away.

Then I brought home one of these treat balls – the kind that the dog has to nudge and as it rolls, treats fall out. And guess who was interested now? Mia became intent on retreiving the treats she could smell in the ball. She spent some time nudging it and rolling it on the hard floor, and then picked it up in her teeth, carried it to a different part of the room and nudged and rolled it for several more minutes until she finally had her own success.  All the treats rolled out and she enthusiastically devoured them.

I cannot figure why one would be intrigued by one type of puzzle and not the other and it was interesting to watch each of them explore it in their own way. I continue to look for ideas to bring out each of their unique personalities.

Maxie is more of a ‘thinker’; Mia is more of a ‘do-er’. Maxie still enjoys our walks but seems to always be thinking, like she’s walking with a purpose, as she sniffs her way around. Mia very much enjoys our walks too, but is usually in an excited state and acts like she is not quite sure which way to turn. When a smell catches her attention, she is determined to dig at it and finally roll in it!

Do you have a think-er or a do-er?


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