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a to z challenge 2016Training never ends
I’ve learned a lot about dog training over the last year.  I’ve had to put aside my preconceived notions, and push myself to adopt a new way of thinking .

The biggest lesson I have learned is how valuable it is to keep an open mind.  It has allowed me to accept new training information, not to be discouraged when past attempts have failed and try something new.

Ruff Talk 4 DogsIn my quest to always find a better way to integrate training into the Ruff Talk Girls’ days, I have recently started taking them on a walk one at a time.  This one on one time enables me to concentrate on the dog I have beside me.  In Mia’s case, it is extremely important that I am aware and ready for when we encounter a situation where predictably she will react. In the past, having Maxie with me in these situations, I would struggle to control Mia and poor Maxie gets yanked around in the confusion.  So now, when Mia’s walk concludes, Maxie is suited up and gets her turn.  She’s a much more relaxed walk, smells EVERY blade of grass and provides a leisurely experience.

If you are struggling with an area of behavior – don’t give up!  Ignore that little voice that shouts in the background ‘why bother?’ – ‘ this probably won’t work either’. Trudge on and take that leap of faith.  Behavior training is accomplished with diligence and determination.  Improvement, even in small doses is worth the time.

Do you have a multiple dog household?  Do you adjust your training methods to accommodate each of them?

a to z challenge 2016

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