Warrior Advocate


The men and women who serve for our country are truly heroic Warriors.


ears up

All who serve, deserve our all.  Thankfully, there are several organizations that dedicate their time to finding dogs for veterans.  From PTSD to helping to adjust to a new way of life due to an injury, a dog as a companion can be a life altering event for a veteran.

I know how important my dogs are to me. They fill my time with walks, grooming, and training. I am sincere when I say, that the Ruff Talk girls make me smile and add a value to my life that is unmatched by anything else.

I think we all look for a cause or a purpose; and it is hard to know where our efforts might make the most impact.  Look in the direction of one of these groups and make the decision to reach out and volunteer, fundraise or donate to their efforts. There are few things better than helping to pass on the same bond a dog brings to your life, to enrich the life of a true Warrior.

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