What’s in a name?



Our dogs are significant to us for so many reasons, not the least of which is the name we choose for them.

Before I brought Maxie home, I did an internet search of most popular names.  I had not had a dog since I was a child, and I was at a loss of where to start for a name for her. “Max” was near the top of the list and a gender list revealed “Maxie” as a poplular choice as well – it just seemed to suit her. When I decided I wanted to add a second dog to our family,  I was able to narrow my search since I had determined I wanted a name that started with “M”.(& settled on Mia)

If you search most ‘ popular dog names’, interesting data is revealed. Recent statistics compiled show that many of the most popular names are ‘human’ names.

Trends with dogs names seem to follow some of the same trends as baby names. Additional information suggests popular sports figures,  characters from movies and pop culture seem to influence our choices. Sometimes there is a name that seems to ‘just fit’.

Regardless of how we arrive at our choice,  it is clear that dog owners are giving serious thought to the name of their soon to be best friend.

How did you decide on the name for your beloved pet?





  1. I put a lot of thought into Mauja and Atka’s names. Great Pyrenees are said to originate from the Pyrenean Mountains, but they can be traced as far back as Siberia. I then looked into different languages spoken in the region and found Inuit to be a popular dialect. Mauja means “soft, deep snow” in Inuit and Atka means “guardian spirit”. I thought they were both very fitting for white, fluffy, guard dogs 🙂

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