When your chain is yanked

a to z challenge 2016Yank or be yanked

The Ruff Talk girls have always pulled on their leashes.  Anyone that has ever had a dog behave like this, knows that awful GASP, COUGH, WHEEZE, GASP as the dog relentlessly pulls the leash, collar stretched taut.

Several of my posts over the past year have focused on training.

After ALOT of practice, I am seeing the results of my efforts; the leash pulling has decreased and the serenity of our walks has increased.

For anyone that is still struggling, don’t give up.  Diligence on your part will pay off.

Have  a dog that pulls on its leash? Email me at topdog@rufftalk4dogs.com or comment below – I will answer – and offer an encouraging word.

a to z challenge 2016

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