Young at Heart


Maxie will be 14 in June and Mia was 7 in April –
but they are still Young at Heart!


Recently I took a trip down memory lane. I thought back to when I brought both Maxie and Mia home.  Each time the early weeks of puppyhood were filled with late night outings, inevitable accidents  and finding items that were chewed beyond recognition.

Maxie was a chewing machine.  She tore the stuffing out of a favorite stuffed bunny, chewed through an ice tea can and ate a nylon knee-hi stocking.  I like to tell people that you can buy 10 pairs of nylon knee-hi’s at the local discount store for $5, and mine was an $800 knee-hi!  Luckily when she became ill from ingesting said nylon she had great care regarding it’s removal.

maxie1051It’s heartwarming to see Maxie still act like a pup; like when she shakes the dickens out of one of her stuffed toys. A couple of summers ago, she stalked, caught and ate a bird. Yes, the entire bird-bones and all.  Again, we relied on our vet on a method to rid her of the bird (don’t ask-just trust me-it wasn’t pretty).


When Mia was a pup, she chewed up the normal newspapers, remote controls and undies out of the hamper.  My personal favorite was when she found a tube of super glue, managed to chew through the new packaging and  into the tube. I found her with her beard literally stuck to the carpet. I was in a sheer panic. Luckily the tube had burst towards the floor and not into her mouth. (she did get a nice beard trim from the vet for that stunt).

mia1049Mia still steals undies out of the hamper to chew on (ewww!), and when she’s excited to see me after I have been gone, she jumps on the furniture, leaping from piece to piece in her exuberance.

Even though Maxie and Mia are maturing, I still love seeing that’puppy’ behavior come through.

Do you have  a favorite story of your dog when it was a pup?   Does your mature dog still show he/she is Young at Heart?

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