Zen 2016

a to z challenge2016Zen, again.

Last year at the end of the April A to Z Challenge, I wrote a post about my moments of Zen during that time.  So I thought it would be fitting to revisit how I felt at the end of my first challenge and now, at the completion of my 2016 challenge.

I think this year was tougher than last.

Ruff Talk 4 DogsLast year, I had all my topics planned out ahead of time.
This year, I still had no idea what I was going to write about for many of the letters when the challenge started.

Last  year, I was firmly entrenched in a work/home routine.
This year, due to life changes since the summer of 2015, I found it hard to focus on the creation of my posts.

Last year, I ended the challenge encouraged that I can continue to work towards finding success as a blogger.
This year, I end the challenge the same.  For there’s something about completing the A to Z that is uplifting.  It’s not the end of a challenge, it’s the beginning of a renewed sense that I can make this blogging thing work.

How was your 2016 A to Z this year?